How to make kids taste new food

Everyday in newspaper or TV you come across many different items which are healthy. Your colleagues or friends too give new tips and suggestions to make your kid’s diet more nutritional. But, not all kids welcome new food. They love to stick to their regular diet. They dislike tasting dishes or vegetables or fruits which they have not eaten before. Here are a few tips to make them give a try to new food.


1)      No thank you bite: A “No Thank-You Bite” is a common name for a rule that says children must try at least one bite of all the foods on the table. Some people have also called this a “Thank the Cook Bite,” Keep the new dish along with the regular food. When they say no to the new item, just ask them to taste and say “no thank you”. Make this a rule. If they say no again, do not force them to eat. Ask them what is wrong with the item, like is it very sweet or sour? Would they like any side dish with that? Can the food be modified to suit their taste? Get the review and modify the food. If they still say no way, there is very little you can do about that. But, make the “no thank you bite” compulsory.

2)      Eat the item: Children hate to eat anything that is served only to them. You have to eat the new food along with them. Suppose you are serving them ragi malt, make it a part of your diet too.

3)      Serve the new food in a different way: Cut the new fruit or salad into an attractive way (in a new bowl if possible). Try to blend it with the taste the child loves, like, add pepper or chat masala.

4)      Talk about it: Tell them that you used to love that item when you were young. Tell them what it contains and what are the benefits of eating that. Tell them the source from where you came to know about that. Talk anything which will attract the child to taste it.


Remember that the new food is not a medicine. If they say no even after tasting it, it should not be made compulsory. We parents too dislike many items though we know the advantages of eating them. Look out for a different item with the same nutritional value and a great taste for your child.

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