How to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables in kids’ diet

The main aspect that separates man from any other animal is believed to be agriculture. We grow different kinds of fruits and vegetables which are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. But as we are very much interested in making food tasty, we process the food too much and convert it into fast and junk food, which diminishes the nutritional value.
We all know that children should take adequate amount of fruits and vegetables for maintaining their right energy levels. But children eat for taste rather than health(like most of the adults).Conveying the children about the goodness of vegetables is a good idea but, it seldom helps in making them interested in taking them. Parents have to play very smart tricks to make their kids eat them if they are picky eaters.


1) Juice: Children feel disinterested in eating certain fruits like oranges, mausambi as they feel lazy to peel. Though the goodness of fiber is missed, juice is a better option as they can drink without effort. If they are not prone to any allergies, chilled juice is a good alternative.

2) Milk shakes: Preparing delicious milk shakes will make children come for more and they are the best in summer season.

3) Fruits as toppings: Add fruits to their chilled ice cream or custard and let them relish the taste as you enjoy the sight of their fruit intake.


1) Different types of rice: Children these days enjoy spicy food. They do not like to have curries, but when the same vegetables are added to different kinds of rice items like biriyani, fried rice, tomato rice, coconut rice, green rice, etc; they do not fuss about them. The vegetables have to be finely cut and chopped so that they do not remove them while eating.

2) Noddles: Maggi is all time favourite for all the children in India. Add all the suitable vegetables, like tomato, onion, carrot, beans etc; to make the noodles, healthy as well as tasty.

3) Chat: Kids love to eat the chats prepared in chat bhandars. You can prepare the chats even at home by adding finely chopped vegetables of your choice. Please find the recipes for chats on this site for more ideas.

4) Sandwich: Let your kid be more creative. Provide your child with the necessary toppings for a sandwich and ask him/her to prepare a sandwich for the family.

5) Soup: Soup is an ideal item that can be served as soon as your child is back from school. Experiment with different kinds of vegetable soups. This sometimes is better than other items as the child cannot see the vegetable he/she dislikes. You can add pepper or some other item to hide the taste of the item disliked by the child yet providing him/her with the goodness of it.

6) Manchurian: Prepare this Chinese dish with all the vegetables finely chopped and diced. As the balls are deep fried, the taste of the vegetables vanishes.

So provide your child with the right amounts of fruits and vegetables which build the necessary resistance power and keep them hail and healthy.

Happy parenting

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