Kids and Cooking

Why should children learn cooking?

Every parent might not have been a fussy eating kid. But, everyone would agree that they started eating their food with much more interest only after they started cooking. You now relish even regular food more than before if you have made that yourself. The same law applies to your kid too. Involve your child in what ever you are preparing. They will definitely become less fussy at the dining table.

How to involve them in cooking?


        Take them with you when you buy vegetables

        Ask them to get the vegetables from refrigerator.

        Allow them to cut if they are old enough.

        Let them watch how you prepare.

        Let them add a masala or some paneer depending on what you are preparing.

Do not make the whole process compulsory to them, just do it casually. Do not pay attention to the wastage as you know, they are just learning. Frequently correcting them will annoy them. Let them experiment. They might turn out be better cooks than you!!!

What recipes can you teach them?

You can first teach them omelet, noodles or simple and healthy vegetable chat, which will only involve mixing of vegetables that you cut and adding spices. They themselves will want to learn more.

At the dining table do not forget to mention to the other members of the family of their contribution to the dish. Let them pass their honest comments. The comments will make them participate again in cooking.
They will definitely love to eat what they have prepared.
Letting them cook not only makes them more responsible but also they will get an exposure to the hardwork involved in it. This will definitely change their attitude towards food.

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