Typhoid -The right diet during typhoid

Diet for kids during Typhoid

These days Typhoid vaccine is available. Consult your doctor to know more about this.

Typhoid is a condition when the patient needs serious attention. Cold pack should be applied to he whole body at regular intervals to keep the temperature from rising. Body should be kept well hydrated during high temperature and the solid food can be avoided. High protein diet is beneficial.


What to take

–    Barley water

–    Fresh fruit juices like orange juice

–     Milk

–    Vegetable soups

–   Bread

–   Chapathi

–    Any easy to digest soft cooked food.


What not to take

X Raw vegetables

X Some vegetables like cabbage, capsicum

X Spicy food

X Deep fried food items

X Onions and garlic

Little amounts of food should be taken at short intervals.

Follow the prescription of doctor carefully.

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8 thoughts on “Typhoid -The right diet during typhoid

  1. My son of age 7 years is the starting stage of thypoid ,what is the best food i can give him , what i need to avoid , can i give him coconut water and sweet lime juice.

    1. Dear Madam,
      Please contact doctor regarding Typhoid diet. This(kidsownplanet.com) is only a small info site and do not follow it strictly.
      Hope your son recovers soon.

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